Jake Danklefs

Founder, Creative Artist,  Footwear Design/Manufacturing

As a creative artist, Jake Danklefs (Dank and Co.) fulfills customers’ desires to create a custom product that reflects their personal taste. From individuals to large businesses, these products may come in the form of shoes, or other objects that may achieve satisfaction to the customer. Proudly sponsored by Angelus direct, Dank and Co. applies a myriad of various paints and finishes to leather and other complex mediums. Additionally, the artist applies a skilled use of craftsmanship and attention to detail to perform tasks that are normally reserved for master shoe cobblers and the like. From 1 to dozens, paint work to fully handmade shoes made from the wildest materials the world has to offer, if you can imagine it, it probably can be done. Hundreds of customers have been drawn to Dank and Co., not only for delivering quality products, but for pushing the boundaries of his given discipline. This exceptional work ethic has drawn the attention of many prominent figures in the industry, as well as garnered an envious list of figures to don his customized footwear.

From a simple shoe design to complex marketing projects, Dank and Co. places workmanship and attention to detail at the forefront of customization and design, from start to finish.

Dank and Co. can be found on the following social media platforms, as well as an organic blog:


Phil Macias

Assistant Cobbler, the "Co" in Dank and Co.

The primary wingman for Jake, Phil employs his tireless work ethic to administer the fit and finish on nearly every single project that comes through the Dank and Co. docket. With a little bit of guidance and a strong understanding of the industrial product that is footwear, Phil is a near perfect extension of Jake's prowess for turning idea to reality. Constantly honing his skillset with every new project, Phil strives to push the boundaries of uncharted customs territory when it comes to taking the team to the next level. He also loves tacos and sports.“Don't mistake my kindness for weakness. I am kind to everyone, but when someone is unkind to me, weak is not what you are going to remember about me.” - Al Capone


Roland Salinas

Creative Artist,  Footwear Design/Manufacturing

Roland is an artist driven by creating something from nothing. He is self taught behind the needle and has grown into his own as a craftsman. He has a hand in on almost everything that comes out of the Dank and Co. headquarters while also having the ability to bring his own creations to fruition from his own at-home studio. He thrives on challenges and finding new ways to complete tasks. Stay tuned for random limited drops coming from Roland as well as a fair share of Taylor Swift content!

Roland can be found on the following social media platforms as well as on all of the Dank and Co platforms:


Joaquin Rodriguez

Brand Manager
Choosing to remain mostly behind the scenes, Joaquin provides consultation to Dank in Co. in the form of brand guidance, web and social media management, and analytics, among numerous other administrative tasks. 

He has shamelessly plugged his social media consulting business below: